Happy birthday 

It was never really hidden that I was a total accident (condom baby) being the youngest of 3 kids. But how my mom and dad even got started is an odd connection anyways. Back in the seventies when my parents met my dad was doing heroin and my mom did speed. A combination that really does not mix at all. It’s also been said that they both where bisexual, or in same sex relationships at the time. Again another major red flag. 

But they did. They started to sleep together and sure enough my mom got pregnant. Sense she was pregnant getting married seemed like the most obvious solution. Then on 7-10-77 they had Adam. While it’s pretty certain that even those first year that Adam was around drinking and drugs never really stopped. But somewhere in the midst of all that they decided that having another kid would be a great idea, one that they actually planned together. So 2 years after Adam was born on 7-9-79 Dan was born. They were pretty certain that after Dan was born they didn’t want anymore kids. But I guess God had other plans because barely one year later on 7-10-1980 yours truly came marching into this world. 

Part of me decided to write about this because it’s close to my birthday. And if you looked at the dates it’s close to my brothers and I’ s birthdays. I hated growing up with birthdays so close together. I always felt like being the youngest I got the shaft. You know kinda just like old news. I wanted my own birthday. 

Well I guess I got my wish. Both my brothers passed in dramatic fashion within 12 months of each other. 2016 was actually my very first birthday all too myself. Oddly enough not as exciting as I thought it would be. Here we go with year number two ridding solo, and I gotta say they are all I can think about. They where both crappy brothers but I love them so so much. I’d give just about anything to share my birthday with them again. I guess that “be careful what you wish for” thing can really come back to bite you in the butt.